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Tim Bransdon

Tim Bransdon

Tim Bransdon, owner of Wollongong Podiatry, has been serving the region for 10 years, constantly testing, innovating and developing new and improved ways to combat foot and ankle ailments for his patients.

One of the most influential Podiatrists in Australia today. Tim travels both interstate and internationally, teaching his StrongFeet™ and Running Lab programs to practitioners and coaches 

Tim’s resume says he is a Podiatrist … and he is … But to Tim his podiatry degree is his ticket to continually explore Human Movement and Performance (including Nutrition, Breathing, Stress and Sleep optimisation). Strength and Conditioning for Feet and the rest of the body and ultimately how to apply this journey of discovery to every client who walks (or hobbles) into his pride and joy, Wollongong Podiatry.

At Wollongong Foot and Ankle Centre we treat patients with all foot and ankle conditions, come and experience our comprehensive service