Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are custom made shoe inserts that are made specifically for you and your individual needs. A doctor or podiatrist can prescribe orthotics to treat foot, ankle, leg, or even back problems.

The Wollongong Foot and Ankle Centre utilises cutting-edge technology to both design and manufacture custom orthotics onsite. With specialist manufacturing equipment onsite, all your orthotics requirements will be supported in one single place.

While orthotics can be highly beneficial for many aches and pains, we will develop a long-term plan to get you back on your own two feet (literally). Our aim is to work together with you to get your feet strong and working functionally again.

Tim Bransdon, owner of Wollongong Podiatry, has developed foot strength and conditioning protocols known as StrongFeet™.. aimed at transforming your feet into powerful machines.. making you less reliant on orthotics in the long-term.

At Wollongong Foot and Ankle Centre we treat patients with all foot and ankle conditions, come and experience our comprehensive service